Our Mentors

Register for Project Emerge Mentorship Program. Cost: $100.00

About Our Mentors

Our mentors are successful and credible proclaimers of the Gospel, community builder’s, and entrepreneurs, who will provide wisdom and guidance to the Project Emerge mentorship program. The specialized sessions and attention given, will ensure participants of the program recieve the opportunity to develop superior critical thinking and developmental skills that are needed to guide them into successful and effective ministry. Guiding participants through each step of the program, our mentors will enable members to find courage in their personal abilities.With the help God and wisdom from our mentors there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

Webinar Mentors

Our Webinar mentors include some of the greatest voices in the kingdom, offering insight from the experiences of leaders from different backgrounds.

Empowerment Call Mentors

Our Empowerment Call mentors will feature the best the Church of God in Christ has to offer, giving insight and wisdom for success.

Live Session Mentors

Coming soon our Live Session Call mentors will be giving great great advice and teachings at notable Church Of God in Christ Conferences.