1.What is Project Emerge?

Project Emerge is an empowerment program designed to educate and invigorate its members to maximize their potential as emerging leaders. The program includes a curriculum dealing with topics such as COGIC doctrine, intro to theology, financial literacy, leadership and many others. Every month our members will be engaged with some of the biggest names in ministry though our Empowerment calls and webinars. It is our hope that our members will walk away from this experience empowered and inspired to lead on another level of excellence in ministry and business.

2.Do I have to be a member of the Church of God in Christ to join?

NO. Project Emerge is an empowerment program that is open to all emerging leaders of all denominations.

3.Where is this event located?

Project Emerge is an ONLINE based program. Every month our members will enjoy a live 60-minute webinar and powerful 60-minute empowerment call with some of the biggest names in ministry. Only registered members will have access to the webinar and call login information.

4.How long is this program and when does it start?

Project Emerge begins October 17, 2016 and will run through October of 2017. Initially it was to begin in August, but we pushed the start date back to allow more time for registration.

5.What are the dates of the calls and webinars? What if I miss a call or webinar because of my schedule?

The Empowerment Call’s will be held the second Monday of each month and the Webinars will air live on the 3rd Monday of each month.

If you miss a call you will be able to access the recording, unfortunately the webinars will not be available for playback. Missing a call or webinar will not effect your participation or qualification for the college credits unless multiple calls/webinars are missed.

6.How do I get college credits?

We are very excited about our partnership with Hampton University. Every member who completes the curriculum and assignments given will be awarded a certificate of completion, which ensures a certain amount of credits from Hampton University. In addition to the credits given for completing the program, additional credits may be awarded for ministry experience (amounts vary). Once you are enrolled into the program, more detailed information will be given.

7.How much is the program and what do I receive as a member?

Project Emerge has a one-time enrollment fee of $100 for the entire year. We also have a subscription option of $9.99 per month for 12 months. All members receive the following:

Brief Case

Executive Portfolio

Promotional Items (while supplies last)


Access to Webinar/Empowerment Call

Exclusive Scholarship Opportunities

Certificate of Completion (upon completion)

College Credits (upon completion)

If you have any other questions and or concerns, please feel free to contact us at contact@projectemerge.com